kift is a KDE-GUI using the giFT-Server (http://sourceforge.net/projects/gift/) to access the openFT (peer-to-peer) network. For more details about giFT visit gift.sf.net! Please install giFT first (http://sourceforge.net/projects/gift/).

Much fun!

PS: Sorry for this ugly page...but I had no time! Had to code! :-)



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handle the (little) changes in the giFT protocol
made id3edit work again

fixed some minor bugs
ported to kde3 (should compile on kde 2.2 and 3)
fixed some incompatibilities on kde3

fixed bugs and fixed bugs and fixed many more horrible bugs
(now it should run almost bugfree, but some things are not handled by giFT
correctly at the moment, if you find a bug, please let me know!)

changed the program to support the new OpenFT network (giFT.sf.net)

fixed many bugs
implemented the possibility to share files
minor improvements

minor GUI improvements (e.g. kill & remove file)
! added ID3edit (first release, ideas & improvements welcome)
many internal changes
small preSort algorithm to give giFTget better URLs first
kift can only be started once
! added autoSearch&Download (first release, be careful not really tested yet)
some new bugs ;-)

added contextmenu on the downloadTab
restore Downloads after restart (I think this is important ;-))
new options (start/stop giFT-Server)
kill giFTget-processes when program exits
files will be opened with their KDE-association (Request 465500)
fixed a bug, which showed the wrong filesize (filesize>~200MB) (Request 465605)
added icons :-)
fixed many bugs

implemented advanced search
implemented "find more sources" button!
changed basis class from qdialog to qwidget (why not earlier?)
big cleanup and classUpdates
fixed Bugs

0.3.3->0.3.5 (internal)
fixed a bug, which showed the wrong filesize (<0)
if no id3-title is present, the filename is used instead of nothing

Showing how many hosts the download is connected to
improved gui (now resizes with the window)
increased the update time for the statistics to 10secs
fixed bugs in the download-queue

many new options...

0.2.1->0.2.7 (internal)
big internal change (based up on the BaseItemClass)

0.2.1->0.2.2 (internal)
fixed a bug with the button on the download tab

hopefully removed a bug that could crash kift
added new control buttons to the download tab (kill download, retry, clear inactive)
fixed a very ugly bug, which prevented you from downloading files (started giFTget with the wrong path)

Screenshots (Version 0.5.0):